Welcome to Cricut Joy Basics!

Get ready to stop being overwhelmed and start creating

Whether you're afraid to take your Cricut Joy out of the box or you want to brush up on the basics, this FREE online course is for you! I know the Cricut Joy can be intimidating, but with Cricut Joy Basics, we can do this together!

This course is not directly affiliated with Cricut—it's brought to you by Cricut blogger Cori George of Hey, Let's Make Stuff!

Here's what we'll cover

  • All About Your Cricut Joy

    We'll get your Cricut Joy out of the box and up and running—and then learn about the machine, tools, materials, and extras.

  • Cricut Design Space

    Next, we'll cover the panels and toolbars in Cricut Design Space so can create projects from scratch, as well as upload outside files.

  • Make a Project

    Finally we'll create a project, from start to finish, using everything we've learned in the class. You'll walk away confident in using your machine!

The Basics Curriculum

Let's get to know your Cricut!

  • 1

    Cricut Basics

    • 1. How to Use Cricut Joy Basics

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Cricut Joy Overview

    • 4. Cricut Design Space Overview

    • 5. Finding Images and Projects to Make

    • 6. Cricut Mat + Matless Cutting Overview

    • 7. Using the Pen

    • 8. Making Your First Project

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll in Cricut Joy Basics and get to know your Cricut!